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40549 Düsseldorf
Law Office Beise + Munscheid

We move!
As of 1 January 2020 our new address is:
Alt-Niederkassel 88
40547 Düsseldorf

The origins of our law office go back to the year 1975. Since then we are active with the target of offering smaller and middle-size companies and, of course, individuals seeking legal advice, a wide range of services mainly in the areas of civil law and comercial law, for example, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and company law, unfair trade law, national and international contract law, labour law, trademarks, building law, tax law etc.

It is our philosophy that the rendering of legal advice and the representation of clients in court actions do not only require professional skills and experience but also a high level of personal confidence; therefore, we have deliberately not valued expansion but continuity within a frame easy to survey.

All our services are, of course, also given in English.

Responsible chamber of lawyers:
Rechtsanwaltskammer Düsseldorf
Scheibenstraße 17
40479 Düsseldorf

Operative job-related rules:
BRAO, BORA, FAO, BFAGO, CCBE (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer, www.brak.de)

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